Bethany Moffat

I am a self-taught artist/illustrator based in Brisbane, Australia. My recent work explores themes associated with the sea in a very nostalgic and personal way. I have dedicated this season of my life to intentionally creating art for this collection and immersing myself in the process, exploring not only the beautiful visual and physical aspects of the ocean and its inhabitants but also the emotional, sentimental themes. Growing up by the sea I experienced both fear of deep water yet also admired the innate beauty of its creation and the healing power of the salty ocean air. I will forever be fascinated by how the sea can be so terrifying and tumultuous yet incredibly calm and restorative.

Almost exclusively using coloured pencil, I enjoy creating juxtaposition between intricacy and minimalism.

To enquire about my work, collaborations or commissions, please say hello at beth.moffat@outlook.com